If you are thinking about creating quizzes in Moodle but do not know how, this workshop is for you. This session has been designed to introduce participants to the basics of creating a quiz in Moodle. At the end of this 45minute session participants will be able to create a Moodle Quiz and establish quiz settings. Participants will also be able to identify and create a variety of question types in a quiz, assign points to individual questions, and preview questions themselves, or the quiz as a whole.

This advanced quiz workshop assumes a working knowledge of the basics of Moodle, as well as some experience in using Moodle quizzes, or previous attendance of the Moodle Quiz Basics Workshop. 

At the end of this 45-minute session, participants will have learned how to create their own question banks and randomize the questions their quizzes use. They will also be able import and export questions between different courses and tag these questions to locate them easily within their question banks. Lastly, participants will be instructed on creating section headers and other advanced layout settings in order to fully customize a quiz to their needs.

This is part one on how to use gradebook in Moodle. This workshop is for those who are using the gradebook for the very first time or those who have struggled with setting up the gradebook in Moodle. In this hour, we will demonstrate how to setup gradebook, including viewing permissions and exporting grades.


This is part two on how to use Gradebook in Moodle. This workshop is for those who have used Gradebook before (or completed "Gradebook Fundamentals"), are familiar with the basics of setting up a gradebook, and are looking to incorporate more grading options. This workshop will enable you to navigate the gradebook from different perspectives, adjust grading calculations in unique situations, configure accommodations for special circumstances, and customize your preferences for a much more personalized gradebook.